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Strandtown Primary School North Rd, Belfast

Information from the Principal


Dear Parents / Guardians,

We are delighted to introduce and welcome you to Strandtown Primary School. We are a school for Year 4

to Year 7 pupils situated on a 7.5-hectare campus on the North Road in East Belfast. Pupils have traditionally

been enrolled in Belmont Primary School, Dundela Infant School and Greenwood Primary School for Year 1

to Year 3 of their education, although a small number have been admitted from other schools. The four-school

collaborative works very closely together to provide continuity and high-quality education.

In Strandtown we are proud of providing a broad, balanced and coherent education capturing creativity and

enquiry within the Northern Ireland Curriculum. We take account of the experiences your children bring to

this school and, in an atmosphere of care and respect for each other, we strive to realise further the personal

development and potential of each pupil.

Pupils are at the heart of our school community. It will be within that community ethos that future friendships

will be made. Your child will be celebrated, will be valued as a person, and will learn skills that will lead them

to success in a whole range of activities. We hope that your child will feel happy and secure within such a

supportive environment, and will feel excited and confident in their education. We look forward to your child

being part of our school and to the contribution we can make together.


Mrs V Hutchinson B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE, M.Sc.