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Strandtown Primary School North Rd, Belfast

After School Activities 2018/19


SPORTS CLUBS - 2019/2020

Year 7 Football Club - Thursday 3-4pm (Mr McWilliams & Mr Burns)

Year 6 Football Club - Thursday 3-4pm (Mr Craig & Miss Bailie)

Year 6/7 Rugby Club - Thursday 3-4pm (Mr Devine & Mr Henry)

Year 7 Boys Hockey Club Wednesday 3-4pm (Mr Ewart & Mr Dowdall)

Year 6 Boys Hockey Club - Wednesday 3-4pm (Mr Kelso & Mrs Gibson)

Year 7 Girls Hockey Club - Thursday 3-4pm (Mrs Merry, Mrs McCoy & Miss McMullen)

Year 6 Girls Hockey Club - Thursday 3-4pm (Mrs Bell, Mrs Gilliland & Mr Dowdall)

Year 6/7 Girls Netball Club - Wednesday 3-4pm (Ms Hutchman, Mrs Mulligan, Mrs Watson & Mrs Robinson )


MUSIC CLUBS - 2018/19🎺🎷🎻🎼

Junior Choir - Monday 12:30-1:15pm Main Hall (Miss Kerr)

Senior Choir - Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm Main Hall (Miss McCreery)

Key Stage 2 Choir - Thursday 12:30-1:00pm Main Hall (Mrs Hunter)

Orchestra - Tuesday 3-4pm Main Hall (Miss McCreery, Mrs Anderson & Miss McMullan)

Senior Band - Tuesday 3-4pm Main Hall (Mr Stitt & Miss Kerr)

Junior Band - Tuesday 3-4pm Outside Canteen (Mrs Woods)



French Club - Wednesday 3-4pm Room 19 (Mrs Havlin)



Eco Club Wednesday 3-4pm Room B4 / Eco Garden (Mrs Keown, Mrs Wild & Mrs Canning)

ICT Club Thursday 3-4pm ICT Suite (Mr Smyth)

Drama Club - Tuesday 3-4pm (Year 4/5) - (Mrs Donovan & Mrs Ferris)

Cookery Club - Wednesday 3-4pm Room 23 (Miss Cameron, Mrs Preston & Mrs Rainey)

Scripture Union - Thursday 3-4pm Room 32 (Mrs Browne & Mrs Atkinson )  - Year 4 1st Term Year 5 2nd Term

Scripture Union Y7 - Wednesday lunch time Library (Mrs Browne & Mrs Atkinson)

Art Club Y5-  Thursday 3-4pm Room A7 (Mrs Mulholland & Miss Courtenay)



There are a number of clubs that run in Strandtown that are provided by outside agencies. The majority of these clubs are advertised by flyers being sent home in school bags. The current clubs currently running are as follows:

If you require any further information on Extra Curricular Activities please contact the school office.



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