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Strandtown Primary School North Rd, Belfast

Room 34 Attend Belfast Nashville Songwriters Workshop.

9th Mar 2018

Room 34 pupils had the privilege of attending a songwriting workshop with our friends at St. Joseph's PS. This workshop was part of the 'Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival' currently being held in our city.

During the workshop the pupils had the opportunity to listen to local artist Aidan Logan perform as well as Mira Goto from the USA. (She had such an amazing voice!!!) We enjoyed listening to the songs 'Turbulence' and 'Best We Can.' The artists also gave the pupils information on how to write songs and how to persevere with an instrument when you find it difficult. 

Olivia and Jake played the flute and baritone for our visitors while Charlie and Eva read out some lyrics they had written recently entitled, "If I Were a Bird.'

This was a great opportunity for our pupils and our thanks to Anne Coulter at Panartsfor the kind invitational the workshop.