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Strandtown Primary School North Rd, Belfast

House Group Bands & Badges

House Bands are now available to purchase! Coloured wrist bands with house group names on them are available to purchase for £1.50. Children can wear their wristbands throughout the school day to show what house group they are representing. Money received for badges & wristbands goes directly into the school fund.


Wristbands (£1.50) available from Miss Bailie on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Badges (£1.00) available from the School Office.

House Activities



Year 4 -    Design a programme cover/poster for the Christmas Concert (Closing date 29/11/18)

Year 5 -    Design a poster to show children in Strandtown how to stay ‘Healthy & Happy’.

Year 6 –   Design a poster to promote E-Safety in Strandtown Primary School.

Year 7 –   Design a poster to show children in Strandtown how to ‘Create a Positive Digital Footprint’

(A digital footprint is a trail of 'footprints' that you leave behind you every time you go online.Most of the websites you visit will record your visit by taking a note of your IP (Internet Protocol) address. This is a set of numbers which is unique to your computer. Think about the ways children use the Internet. Do they visit websites? Do they message friends? Do they download music or post photographs? What advice could you give them?)



  • Posters should be no bigger than A3. (Year 4 MUST be no bigger than A4)
  • ICT Skills & Artistic Skills may be used for your poster.
  • This competition is not compulsory!
  • Poster designs are open to your interpretation.
  • Closing date for entries – Monday 10 December 2018.
  • Please put your NAME & ROOM NUMBER on the back of your poster.
  • All entries must be with Miss Bailie by 4:00pm.


There will be a 1stprize awarded to each Year group along with 100 points for the winners House group. Prizes will be awarded in our Christmas Assembly.

House points


McKnight House
McKnight - 374
McClenaghan House
McClenaghan - 330
Hamilton House
Hamilton - 303
Crawford House
Crawford -277

House Group News

BE SAFE BE SEEN! Win house points up until Christmas.  If you are being safe on route to school. Teachers are giving out house points to all the children seen to be wearing Hi Vis vests , reflectors or anything else on their person that can be seen clearly by traffic!